Katy Evans (Author of REAL) – Interview and Signed Giveaway (ending soon)

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I had a blast interviewing Katy Evans and can’t wait to interview her again when her next book, MINE, is released! If you haven’t read REAL clear your schedule because you won’t want to put it down. And the closer to bedtime the better, because trust me you will be having some hot and sexy dreams! ;)


Good morning Everyone!

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking what’s so good about it. But I am ecstatic to have Katy Evans, Author of Real and creator of our #1 bad-boy turned perfect book-boyfriend (Remy!), visiting my blog today!!!

REAL is Katy Evans first published romance book and I think its safe to say, she definitely knocked it out the park with this one. it is currently #2 on Kindle’s Best Sellers list, and has been on Kindle’s top 100 Best Sellers list for 14 days and counting. Over 5,900 of you have reviewed REAL on Goodreads and given this book a rating of 4.43 out 5 Stars, and almost 600 of you have reviewed it on Amazon and have given it a rating of 4.7 out of 5 Stars!!!

This book sort of came out of no where and took all of us readers by storm. I for one can honestly say it is on my all-time favorites list. And Remy has knocked off numerous other drool worthy book-boyfriends I used to have without breaking a sweat! This book was off the charts hott, without being raunchy. I gave REAL a solid 5 Stars Rating!

Katy Evans did an amazing job creating characters that really came to life while reading her book. Remy was damaged, yet he was a strong enough character to accept his circumstances and the person he was without trying to change for Brooke. I loved how he was dominant, cold and aggressive to all other women except Brooke. Brooke had her own problems as well but she was dealing with them in her own way, she was no sad depressing heroine. They were complex characters, yet the way they came together was just beautiful. And the sexual tension was off the charts HOTT!!! Those two made me want to take a cold shower to cool off, then get out and read it again! The selfless way Remy acted toward Brooke made me want to squeeze and cuddle Remy, it was so sweet. Remy is the perfect bad boy gone sweetheart and I can’t wait to get inside that man’s head in MINE.

I know some may have compared REAL to another all-time favorite read of mine (Beautiful Disaster), but once you’ve read REAL you’ll see that the only similarity between the two is both of the main male characters fight. Honestly folks, that’s the only comparison. REAL stands in a category all it’s own and I want to thank Katy Evans for bringing Remy into my dreams!!! ;)


If you want to read my detailed review on REAL just click on the link below.
My Book Review – REAL by Katy Evans

Before we get to the interview I’d like to say a few more things about Katy Evans. I know I haven’t been blogging very long, so I don’t have too much experience in talking with many authors. But Katy didn’t do this Blog visit because her publisher asked her to, or because it was scheduled long ago. I literally fell in love with her book, emailed her with the contact information she has posted on her page about how much I loved REAL and would love to interview her whenever or if she could find some time (considering her book had been released Days ago, I wasn’t getting my hopes up for even getting a response). Imagine my suprise when she responded HOURS later about how much she appreciated my comments and review, and that she would be “delighted” to do an interview and help with a signed giveaway!
Katy is not only an amazing author, but also one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of talking to! She takes the time to answer every email, tweet, or message she receives personally. I just started my Blog 2 days before REAL was released and Katy took the time to help me with my first author interview and giveaway. I cannot say enough about her as an author or as a person. I’m honored to have her visit my blog and hope to have her visit many more times. I can’t wait to read her next book, MINE which should be released some time in June, as well as the other books she has planned for this series!!!

If you haven’t already read REAL by Katy Evans, please go buy it now! I promise you’ll be thanking me or recommending it after you read it again and again. You can purchase REAL on any of the links below: (or enter the signed giveaway at the bottom of the page)

Amazon Link – REAL

Smashwords Link – REAL

Barnes and Noble Link – REAL

Also if you would like a paperback copy of REAL you can buy it directly from Katy’s website and she will sign it for you! How awesome is that?!?!

Signed Paperback Link – REAL

Signed copy of REAL Giveaway powered by Rafflecopter link below

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Katy Recently Gave all of us Remy and Brooke fans some amazing news!!!!


If you want to contact or follow Katy Evans, here are her links:

Katy Evans Website

Katy Evans Blog

Like Katy Evans on Facebook

Follow Katy Evans on Twitter


Signed Giveaway Link


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