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Who doesn’t love a luxurious spa manicure bi-weekly? But, it is not always feasible to hit the salon.

And thus, we all love a manicure session at home.There is hardly anything that can replace the fun.

Well! Just the way it is pretty fun, the fact also remains the same that we are not salon experts.

And thus, it is common to make mistakes. In fact, manicure mistakes are mostly overlooked.


But, let us not hide those mistakes ever. In the following section, I am going to talk about 3 such mistakes that we need to recheck for our next manicure session. Let’s dig deeper!


Mistake #1: Basecoat is Baseless and Useless

Surprisingly, this is one of the most common mistakes. We often jump to applying the nail polish directly.

But, guess what! A basecoat is just like a primer to a foundation. Without a primer, a foundation can never show its magic properly. In addition to that, a primer increases the longevity of the foundation.

The same way a basecoat also helps the nailpolish to not get chipped.


Mistake #2: Let’s Skip Tool Washing

Sanitization is the most important thing and the world knows it now. But, we often overlook the importance.

Manicure tools often are not washed properly especially when we do the manicure in a jiffy.

Such acts of ignorance only push us more to the world of bacteria.


Mistake #3: Shaking the Nail Polish Bottle

Another major mistake that is often made by us while doing manicures.

Shaking the nailpolish bottle would only make more air bubbles. And, it would form tiny pockets on our nails.

So, rather than shaking the bottle, simply roll the bottle between your palms.

Isn’t it a cool idea? For more such interesting tips, check out Cosmetics Arena.


Well! That’s all. These three mistakes are indeed the most common ones. Next time, while doing a manicure session at home, make sure you are not going to repeat such mistakes.


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