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Do you own an Android phone? Google Chrome to Phone, the latest extension from Google, is a way to send a weblink from the Chrome Browser to your phone simply by clicking a button. Its fast, easy, and fun!

I have the Motorola Droid with the slide out keyboard from Verizon. Its a durable and fun cel phone. I have Android 2.2 running on it. Yes, its a pre-release of Froyo I located on the internet. I recommend not installing just yet because its not an official release. You are better off waiting for the phone to tell you automatically that there is an update available.

Now, you are probably wondering “How do i get the new extension”? It’s free and easy to setup. Here is how to install it.

Google has an app in the android market called “Google Chrome to Phone”. If you own an Android Phone, head on over to the Android Market and download this handly little app.

You also need the Chrome web browser. You can download this from Google.

After you install the browser, if you don’t already have it installed, then you also need to install the Google Chrome to Phone extension in your browser.

To install it, simple click the wrench in Chrome and then click Extensions. Search for Google Chrome to Phone and install the extension in your web browser.

Once you have the app installed on your phone and the extension installed in your web browser, you are all set! Why not give it a try?

Now visit any website in your Google Chrome browser and just click the Google Chrome to Phone button next to the location bar at the top of the browser window.

Making your browser look very nice is not compulsory for everyone. But most of the people like the stuff that pleases their eyes. With so many extensions and themes available at the Chrome online store, you can easily download and customize your favorite browser to look very great and impressive. There are themes based on virtually any topic on the earth and you can choose which ever you like the most.

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