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Deciding which earrings to buy while shopping is sometimes a difficult choice. You will need to find one that will make sure your eyes and hair is noticed, but also accentuate your jaw line. Buying an earring is often considered an investment because even though they last for a life time, real genuine gem earrings are not cheap. Even worse is to purchase a pair thinking they are genuine and pay the price, when they are of lesser quality of what you had in mind. However, there are a few quick steps you can check on next time you go shopping for gem earrings to make sure they are as high a quality as you expected.

Real gems are naturally more dense and heavier than fake gems. This is similar to real gold compared to mixed gold diluted with cheaper metals. The genuine version will weigh slightly more, but enough to tell the difference just by weighing it with your hand.

If it is genuine, it will shine and reflect light easily even if you smudge it. If you look into the gem and it seems to shine on the inside as well, it is a sure sign you have yourself a genuine gem because fake man-made gems are actually rough forcibly bonded together. Real gems are known to conduct heat very well. If you hold it in the palm of your hands and then blow on it, and it remains warms, this is another sign to confirm that it is a genuine gem earring. However, if the opposite is to happen and heat seemed to conduct poorly, be alarmed at the price you were planning to pay for it.

Look out for the color of the gem. gemtv If there is uneven color, it may indicate that it was artificially painted to give the color of a rare and more expensive version of the gem. Again, look into the actual gem to see if there are impurities. For example, a genuine diamond may have other minerals intertwined as it was formed naturally. If the diamond has rounded edges, bubbles or is absolutely clear, chances are it is an imitation from silicon compounds or glass.

The last thing is generally the one that misleads people the most. Keep in mind the saying “if it’s too good to be true it normally is.” If the pair of gem earrings you are planning to buy seems like a bargain too great to pass by, you should be alarmed and wonder why it was priced so cheaply. Maybe it was due to a crack in the gem, or simply because it is not a genuine gem to start with.

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