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The opportunity of being a sponsor of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is such a great achievement  and after so many discussions and meetings of officials, it has been finally decided that DREAM11 will be the sponsor of Indian Premier League(IPL). There is a plus point about DREAM11 that came out to the public that DREAM11 is a grown brand in India, further All employees are Indians and working in DREAM11 Company, employees are approximately 400+ and all are holding completely for great performance. S this opportunity of sponsorship for Indian Premier League should be given to DREAM11 and he got it. First BCCI wanted a little to make a deal about sponsorship with China but then at last DREAM11 won the deal. But the matter of fact is that DREAM11 company contains one of their investor Chinese, as total investors are 5 but 1 of them is Chinese. But overall DREAM11 is legally owned by India.

India has taken some bold steps against China because of their dead soldiers which were about 11 and they were killed on Galway Valley clash in June. So all this happens between the two countries. so India also blocked or we can say that banned approximately 20 applications which were made by China and been using in India widely But India banned all these due to Clash between both countries. so we can say that reason for the kick-out of VIVO as a sponsor is due to this clash scene. Anyway, this deal is done with a handsome amount which is Rs 222 crore which is given by DREAM11 (an Indian-grown company), and it is sufficient for Indian Premier League 2020.

Further news came out about excitement of DREAM11 that they are so excited to get sponsorship of IPL 2020 because after the pandemic of COVID-19 everyone as cricket or sports lovers kept an eye on the IPL 2020. So it will be an honor to get sponsorship for such Historic Indian Premier League 2020.

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