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Forget about the negativity of the media; forget about the turmoil around you; ignore the rumors of war and politics for a moment and think to yourself, ‘What I am doing with my time?’

Health: As a premedical student I have come to realize that we don’t really seek after preventions. The human mind by nature is always after a Cure, Secret, or Discovery. Then we forget about the basics. Most doctor-patient interactions happen when the patient visits COVID-19 the doctor seeking a cure. I also notice that with the families I serve by providing pure water, most of them had heard about the dangers of bad water, what hard water or soft water meant, increased cancer risks, etc. but none of them made any attempts to prevent the hazards but did everything possible when it was time for a cure.

I lament when I see the charts of the diseases that reign in our culture like plagues, examples such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. Most of them related to out diet and lifestyle. Type II diabetes mellitus was much more common amongst adults but now I read the medical charts and its more common amongst the younger generations and teenagers.

Our food quality is very poor, chemical exposures very high and personal self discipline almost gone. You need to take control of what you eat, because what you eat affects your health. Duh?! We all know that, but we don’t all do it. Now is not the time to take any chances towards unhealthy living. Now is the time to regain control of one’s own self and raise personal standards.

You’ve probably heard the old saying, ‘Your Health is Your Wealth’ and it truly is. Now is the time to begin to think positively. A healthier diet produces a healthier you. Healthier you not just physically but mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Now is the time you need to be careful of how you spend your money, your time, and how you protect your health.

If you’re reading this article and now wondering why would I select health, time and money? Remember, like I mentioned earlier, there are lots of important things but here is my objective with these three.

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