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There’s no third. These chords are made up of the first and fifth notes of the scale. It is still essentially a major chord but without the third note  of the scale. This is another reason the chord sounds strong. And because the chord using the fifth note of the scale, the number Power Chords 5 is used in the chord name (i.e., A5 is an A power chord.) Anytime you see the 5 (and only the 5) in the name of a chord, it is a power chord.The fact that these chords are called “power chords” doesn’t mean that they can’t be used in all types of music including Folk and Country. And acoustic players uses them as well when the need a strong sounding chord or a unique sound.

After playing these powerful chords for a while, you’ll be able to recognize the sound when you hear it. And once you can do that, learning songs that uses them will be a whole lot easier.

One simple way to learn playing guitar is by learning power chords. When you know how to play power chords you have a good ground on how to play a whole barre Chord. When you know power chords you can basically play what sounds like any songs you like. And it particularly sounds good when it comes to rock and blues songs. But what is power chords. A Power Chord in short, is a mini version of a barre chord. It’s made up of two notes (sometime three but mostly two). You can call a Chord an assembly of three or more notes. While a power Chord is usually two notes.

A Little Basic Guitar Knowledge

But first let me just illustrate a few things if you’re not used to hold a guitar in your hands or if you don’t know yet how everything is called.

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